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OM Times – Yarn Therapist : Eco Challenge

OM Times / Yarn Therapist – Eco Challenge 2.1 : Recycled Bottles

OM Times - Yarn Therapist : Eco ChallengeCan you imagine life if everyone actually wanted to save our resources and automatically found other uses for everything that we purchase or bring into our home? The path to creating change is made with small actions creating huge reactions. There are many products to choose from, but none as accessible to the masses as plastic bottles (PET). (More information on PET bottles). Designers have finally rose to the challenge of working to create a more sustainable planet.
There is no doubt we discard billions of plastic bottles every year, at a huge environmental expense. Yet, there are several ways that we can recycle and create something functional, artistic or take the plastics allowed to a recycling center. The bottles can be turned into Ecospun felt, but this type of recycling requires energy and raw materials and not all plastics can be recycled.
Another possibility is to divert plastic from the waste stream entirely by turning those old bottles into something new which is the route less traveled and the one we will be exploring.

1. Free electricity? In some parts of the world, plastic bottles are being used to bring natural light into the homes of those who cannot afford electricity or it is unavailable.

2. Re-Nest’s Trend Watch highlights plastic bottle lighting ideas. There are a few that would be easy to do yourself. You can also try drilling small holes into the caps of small water or juice bottles and stringing them on Christmas lights. You can decorate the bottles with paint and sparkly things for some extra pizzazz!…
3. Erect a building. A company in Taiwan has built a three-story exhibition hall using 1.5 million plastic bottles instead of bricks to raise interest in recycling, creating what the builder described as a world-first. The contractor for the building said they got inspired by the waste in their office. Builders took bottles from Taiwan’s waste stream for reprocessing into plastic containers that interlock strongly enough to block the elements and withstand storms or earthquakes.…

4. A Votive. From a plastic bottle comes creative votive bottle, just fill with sand, marbles, or rocks, and nestle your votive inside. You might also try gluing some ribbon around the perimeter, since that plastic can have sharp edges.…

5. Recycled Art – Flowers. Using what we have available to create a sustainable and beautiful world and plastic bottles are great for this project.

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