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SACREDspace : January 1/2 2012 – Yoga Vidya

The Synthesis of Yoga

Yoga is an integral, all-embracing system. Most people find a combination of the different paths of yoga most powerful:

• Hatha Yoga develops the physical body
• Kundalini Yoga augments the energy body
• Bhakti Yoga sublimates the emotions
• Raja Yoga trains the mind
• Jnana Yoga enhances intellect and intuition
• Karma Yoga helps integrating everything into daily life.

Asanas – yoga exercises
Asanas are yoga exercises; certain positions are held for periods of time. Asanas gently develop muscle strength, flexibility and body awareness. They release blocked life energy (prana), activating inner healing power. Yoga asanas boost the body’s resistance to disease; they support and enhance the effects of other therapies.

Pranayama – breathing exercises

Everybody breathes approximately 25,920 times a day. In addition to oxygen, we also ingest prana, life energy. Because of stress, tension, wrong posture and bad habits most people breath too shallowly. Their systems do not get enough oxygen. Yoga helps. With special breathing exercises the life energy can be rebuilt. When regularly practice breathing exercises fear, depression, anxiety, stress and over-tiredness can be overcome.

Deep relaxation
Most people experience a deep relaxation t the end of every yoga class. Relaxation is especially important to the modern person: stress is reduced, the immune system strengthened, healing processes supported, mental strength and calmness restored. Complete relaxation doesn’t come by oneself but may be learned patiently and systematically.

Yoga Vidya is a non-profit organization whose aim is to spread the knowledge (“vidya”), practice and techniques of classical, holistic Yoga. Founded in 1992 in Frankfurt, seated now in Horn-Bad Meinberg.
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The Yoga Vidya Retreat Centre in Westerwald (close to Cologne) opened in 1996 and Yoga Vidya Retreat Centre Bad Meinberg opened in 2003. There are Yoga Vidya Centres in more than 50 major German cities and Vienna, Austria. We teach yoga in its many aspects, in a vast variety of courses and seminars.

Yoga Vidya is Europe’s leading and largest yoga educational organization. All fees for courses directly support the trust. Donations are tax-deductible.

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---------------------------------------- PERSONAL: ---------------------------------------- I am a human, daughter, woman, sister, mother, friend, lover. I have traveled and been stationary. Teacher & student simultaneously. I have lived, loved, laughed, cried, screamed, been alone and had the pleasure of feeling the molecular universal hug from God and the universe and KNOWING I am never alone! As a breast cancer survivor, I was forced to confront the enemy - and to my own amazement, it was ME! Re-evaluation on my entire life began. An introduction and immediate connection on the value of incorporating a Yoga "practice" into daily life schedule. The natural and universal philosophies to seek reconnection with ALL that is GO(o)D occurred subliminally. The healing that began within - led me to feel free to share LOVE to others. From that discovery point I have begun taking my infant steps back into the arms of a "welcoming humanity!"


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