Ms. Moore (deZengo) is a yoga practitioner, breast cancer survivor, artist, designer, and activist. Author of the book, a photographic exploration, “A Yoga Adventure in Healing.

“She began practicing yoga just prior to her diagnosis in 2005.  As her own test subject, she continued doing yoga during treatments to hopefully increase and measure success rates.  The results were astonishing and her love for the practice continued to grow.  Refusing to accept loss of mobility, she set a goal to meet and exceed recovery expectations.  Yoga played a huge role in not only the physical wellbeing and healing, but the mental and spiritual.

Founder of SACREDspace Studio, a Humanity Healing pilot program, Ms. Moore additionally created the Yoga-2-go program where equipment, accessories, music is brought to the people to locations that accommodate their schedules.  Other classes offered are kickboxing, circuit training and zumba.

Locally the mission is to provide reduced, free or donation based wellness classes to rural communities in middleTennessee.  Our programs support individual empowerment as well as mental and physical wellness through the exploring:  Yoga | Art | Music | Activism.

Through exploring ( yoga / art / music / activism) we believe the individual discovers inner peace and better health.

Working with other local healers and wellness professionals, she helped organize and participate in the “Get Back to Nature(al)” Weekend Retreat, taking place aFallCreekFallsState Parkand most recent “Sunrise 2 Sunset FUNdraiser.”

Our instructors were honored to work the Van Buren UT Extension Office to share yoga with children in summer 4-H camp programs (CampAdventure) in middleTennessee.

Globally – Our intention is to have instructors for every yoga style represented, as there many paths in yoga.  As the Health & Wellness Editor atOMTimes Magazine, Ms. Moore uses the SACREDspace column to highlight yoga studios, styles, etc…

Upon connecting with the Yarn Therapist, we were able to include art & craft classes as well as form the first Tennessee Chapter of the HH STREETteam.   Project Kindness was created from our need to give and teaching the importance of giving to others, while providing the opportunity.   In progress now : the Pepsi Challenge : Project Kindness, take a look and if you feel in alignment, please cast your vote.

Ever day is a new adventure!   And our goal is to teach everyone who to reconnect with the inner guru so they can become the expert for their body.

Love & Light,

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  • I can't get enough of this stuff ... I love iron! SACREDspace lies withIN and our intention is to allow "you" to discover your inner GURU & embrace a healthy life! 4 months ago
  • He makes HEALTHY soooo funny! SACREDspace lies withIN and our intention is to allow "you" to discover your inner GURU & embrace a healthy life! 11 months ago

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